Tv headphones wireless TV 2400


Technical features:
Natural sound (as far as 120 dB) directly in the ears.
Selection switch incoming:
ST = Stereo (for incoming stereo)
MO = Mono (for mono input)
MIC = Microphone (for microphone module)
Modulation: GFSK
Frequenza: 2,4 GHz digitale
Ambito: as far as 30 m
Alimentazione elettrica (issuer): Adapter, output: 5 VDC, 550 mA
Durata di funzionamento: With full battery up to 5 hours
Durata di ricarica: To empty batteries to AC. 2,5 hours

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Headphones wireless radio with amplifier for TV, HiFi, iPod / iPhone and CD / MP3

Superior comfort for listening to TV and HiFi.
A built-in microphone allows you to listen to the environment to be able to converse, touch of a button.
Natural tone in quality’ CD directly into your ears: if necessary to a volume of up to 120 dB.
Suitable for the sound to your needs with the setting of individual high and low tones.
Radio link Plug & Play Wireless immediately ready for use.
Radio transmission of high performance that penetrates without problems in walls and ceilings through entire floors.
One charge of the built-in battery provides up to a fun acoustic 5 hours. A replacement battery can’ be inserted in addition to the base station to be able to listen without interruption.
Clear sound, in either a stereo and mono.
Transmission techniques in high-frequency digital 2,4 GHz band for interference-free radio transmission.
The radio transmission is switched off automatically when no signal audio (AUTO POWER OFF)


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